Pluralities of Scale

Pluralities of Scale - Exhibition design and realisation / 2023

Pluralities of Scale explores seventy years of chip developments at multiple technical, visual, social and global scales. Within these four scales, historical objects from the archive of the LINK Foundation and testimonies from (former) employees, will be presented alongside artworks by contemporary artists. Together, they unfold the layered beauty, cultural-technological significance and the impact of the chip and semiconductor industry in the Netherlands.

Pluralities of Scale is an initiative of Stichting LINK. This foundation stems from a collaboration between NXP and the Department of Design Art Technology at ArtEZ, Arnhem. LINK's mission is to preserve and promote cultural-technological heritage, with a focus on the history of chip technology in the Netherlands. The exhibition presents a selection from NXP's rich archive (now managed by the LINK Foundation) and places these unique objects in dialogue with contemporary work by artists Benjamin Earl, Michelle Feelders, Bram de Groot, Oscar van Leest, Alina Lupu and Soyun Park.

Group shw curated by Martijn van Boven and Florian van Zandwijk.
Made in collaboration with Jippe Liefbroer.

Photos by Eva van Boxtel.