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This PCB is part of the Digital Specimens installation as shown on this page. Each PCB comes fully assembled, including a SD card, asset data, micro usb cable and a custom 3D printed stand.

Digital Specimens (2021)
Edition of 75

Custom PCB with 2.2” TFT display
240P video
97 x 88 x 54 mm

Overview of available PCBs can be found here.

Asset UK3LCJ2GA sliced in 3D software and printed on 12 mm MDF. This work originates from working with missing texture information. The software extends the surrounding pixel values of the sliced area to new color areas and lines.

Untitled (2021)

Digital print on 12 mm on primed MDF
923 x 849 mm

Digital Specimens wallpiece consisting of a 3 x 3 grid of PCBs on a custum aluminium frame. nine gemstones from Sweden spin almost invisibly on a standard background from a game engine. The PCBs are slighly tilted for a better view on the screens. An overview of the displayed assets can be found here.

Digital Specimens 3x3 (2023)
Edition 2 of 2

9 custom PCBs with 2.2” TFT display
9 240P videos
Custom aluminium frame
10-Port USB hub
320 x 405 x 93 mm